Safety & legal

Safe, professional operations are at the heart of everything we do

Our experience

Our team are used to undertaking work in high-value or elevated risk environments where planning, attention to detail and safety are paramount. We've worked around fully active large scale construction projects, as well as inside highly specialised buildings containing equipment worth worth nearly £1bn.

Every project we undertake, be it ground or aerial based imaging is protected by bespoke, specialist insurance with £2m of cover as standard (£10m+ can be quickly arranged on request on a project by project basis).

General aerial operations

For aerial operations, our remote imaging pilots have all individually passed the rigorous training and testing required to obtain commercial operation permissions and are all RPA (Remote Pilot Authorisation) or equivalent trained.

In addition to this training, we carry out internal assessments of operational team members every 3 months, training certification and the latest operational assessment of team members is supplied to every client on project confirmation.

Skyreel has full PfCO (Permission for Commercial Operation) accreditation from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA permission number 5245) and every aerial project we undertake is done so in accordance with our highly regulated aerial operations manual.

Information for the public

We would like to assure members of the public that any aerial operations undertaken by Skyreel are done so in accordance with the strict regulations imposed by the Civil Aviation Authority, in-line with our detailed operations manual and are only ever conducted by fully trained and accredited operators.

We pride ourselves on our transparent approach and professional reputation, if you wish to speak to us regarding an active or planned aerial operation in your area please do not hesitate to email: [email protected] and a member of our team will be happy to provide further information or assist in escalating your enquiry.


Our guide to choosing an operator

As part of our commitment to promoting safety and professionalism in our industry, we’ve prepared a guide to selecting a commercial operator.
It’s free to download, whether you choose us or not!