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Instant, precision data for construction planning

About our architectural services

In addition to ultra high definition imaging, our aerial platforms can capture and create advanced highly accurate site data quickly to help make informed decisions

3D site surveying, mapping & modelling

Using advanced platforms and powerful data processing software, Skyreel can capture and render precision site information that would otherwise take weeks to acquire from ground level.

Scanning your entire site in a matter of minutes, our systems combine multiple aerial images with a wealth of georeferenced data points to build highly accurate topographical maps and 3D site models that can be used with a number of industry standard software packages.

This fast and non-dispruptive process efficiently collects aerial data in order to improve site planning and quality control, manage assets, and reduce risk on the job site.

Project monitoring

Carrying out highly precise, frequent drone maps of your site gives you a detailed overview of the progress of your project. Imagine having the ability to easily measure how many square feet of roof have been completed without leaving your office.

From daily to monthly maps depending on your requirements and build phase, easily keep track of your entire site, identify potential bottlenecks before they occur and manage key assets

Our project monitoring services are particularly useful for sharing updates and progress with clients and other key stakeholders, providing daily, weekly or monthly progress snapshots to keep all parties quickly and easily in the loop.

Architectural marketing

Give your architectural practice a highly competitive edge with ultra high definition "fly throughs" of completed projects to showcase your work, attract new clients and win new business.

Our industry first client project management suite keeps all of your Skyreel media organised and easily searchable in one place with instant download options allowing you to use your media both on and offline at the click of a button.

Our clients include

What we offer

  • Advanced 3D mapping and surveys
  • Precision topographical data capture
  • Regular project monitoring
  • An easy way to measure project progress
  • Availability throughout the U.K
  • Certified by the Civil Aviation Authority
  • £2m Public Liability Cover as standard
  • Our team is equipped with full site PPE
  • Full planning and risk assessments
  • Online suite to manage all of your aerial media

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Our guide to choosing an operator

As part of our commitment to promoting safety and professionalism in our industry, we’ve prepared a guide to selecting a commercial operator.
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