Golf course tours

Attract new members with full course tours

About our golf course services

We work with golf courses across the U.K. to enhance their marketing efforts with highly engaging course tours for existing and new members

Hole-by-hole tours

We provide fully branded, hole by hole tours of your course with a High Definition "Fly Through" from tee to pin that can be used for any application you require.

In addition to course branding on each video, we're also able to add hole-specific information such as par and distance to give viewers even more detailed information about the course.

Our course tours are a proven way to increase engagement with potential new members, providing an immersive experience to those that are yet to join, and helping existing members polish their game.

Course mapping

A more specialist area of our business involves the ability to use our aerial platforms to provide highly detailed 3D mapping of individual holes or your entire course.

The accuracy of our 3D mapping services form an invaluable part of the planning stage when you are looking at re-working or improving an element of the course.

Non-disruptive service

We work directly with you to ensure we operate in the least disruptive way possible whilst we complete our operation. We handle all aspects of safety and planning, working across your site to keep disruption of play to a bare minimum.

Where we need to operate near more sensitive areas of the site or for extended periods of time, we are able to provide co-branded information to your members to explain our process and safety measures in place.

Our clients include

What we offer

  • Fixed price packages for 9 / 18 hole courses
  • Per-hole videos give the ultimate flexibility
  • We handle all of the planning
  • A proven way to attract new members
  • Availability across the U.K
  • Certified by the Civil Aviation Authority
  • £2m Public Liability Cover as standard
  • Videos organised and available through our dedicated client area

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Our guide to choosing an operator

As part of our commitment to promoting safety and professionalism in our industry, we’ve prepared a guide to selecting a commercial operator.
It’s free to download, whether you choose us or not!